Student Workbook - Autoimmune Recovery Program *EBOOK*


*At this time, the Student Workbook is only available as an e-book. You will need a free e-reader to open such as Apple Books or Calibre:


What You'll Find in the Student Workbook

  • Our updated Therapeutic Protocol and Therapeutic Menu complete with brand new recipes
  • Materials for putting the Therapeutic Protocol and Therapeutic Menu into practice

  • Daily schedules that incorporate essential therapies and the most anti-inflammatory foods we have found

  • Interactive group activities to promote community

  • Spiritual lessons that accompany what you're learning

  • Student syllabus that serves as your roadmap for the course

  • Engaging homework activities and reading assignments to enhance the student's learning

The Student Workbook will keep the student learning at a steady pace while providing the reference and information they need to progress and implement what they are learning.

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