Peruvian Quinoa Tortillas

We Are Temporarily Halting Production

For the time being, we are being forced to halt production of our Peruvian Quinoa Tortillas.

We use only the most premium, gut-friendly ingredients like sprouted quinoa and organic golden potatoes to give you the healthiest tortillas anywhere on the market, but because of the expense it's caused problems for our bakery.

As a result, we will no longer be producing Peruvian Quinoa Tortillas and instead will be refining the recipe to make it just as healthy, just as gut-friendly, just as soft, and just as delicious as you remember but also sustainable for us.

This will, however, take time for us and our bakery to get into full production so you can expect us to come back with a brand new recipe within roughly a month.

In the meantime the website will still be available for you to purchase our Autoimmune Plant Based Cookbook.

Order Delays

If you have submitted an order recently for tortillas and it has been delayed, this is the reason.
You should have received an email detailing the situation, but if you did not your orders will be fulfilled but we will not be accepting anymore orders until we have a new recipe and are back in production.

This is a time of uncertainty for us so I just want to thank each and every one of you who has stuck with us.
We really could not do any of this without you.
Thank you!

I hope you will hang tight, be patient with us, and try out our brand new recipe once its ready to purchase.
We look forward to serving you again in a month.

Thank you everyone,
Dr. Joyce Choe

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